...being the go-to expert in your industry and getting booked for 5-figure consulting jobs and international speaking gigs.

...getting sign ups to your email list, courses and coaching programs from podcast episodes you created months or even years ago (Idk about you but none of my IG posts work that hard for me!)

...regularly receiving emails and DMs from listeners who say the information and inspiration you shared in your podcast has changed their life.

That's totally possible for you. And how do I know?  

Because those are real-life results my clients, students and I have gotten once we mastered the basics of podcasting and actually launched a show.

What makes this special?

This online training will give you:

  • A step-by-step plan to get your Minimum Viable Podcast live and into our earbuds (because unless you actually publish it, it's not a podcast!)
  • No more tech overwhelm or indecision, because I will show you exactly what software and equipment you need to get started (without spending hundreds of $)
  • A proven approach from someone who not only has her own podcast, but has worked behind-the-scenes on dozens of others from small creators

Sounds like just the thing you need to finally start your podcast? Then I have just the thing for you!

Minimum Viable Podcast

A no-fluff training covering everything you need to actually start your podcast (and what you definitely don't need, too!)

You'll learn what you must have to get started, what I strongly recommend, and what is a nice-to-have but can (and should!) come later once you're more established.

But most importantly, you'll learn how to stop getting caught in tech overwhelm and content perfectionism and finally get your podcast LAUNCHED and LIVE!

Here's everything you'll learn inside Minimum Viable Podcast

🎤 The biggest mistakes people make when planning their podcast (and what to do instead)

🎤 What software and equipment you need for recording and publishing your podcast (and what you definitely don’t need, despite what the celebrity entrepreneurs say!)

🎤 The simple way to promote your podcast so you can launch effectively and sustainably

🎤 How to build your podcast audience even if you’re just starting out

🎤 What my own podcasts taught me about podcaster burnout and podfade (and what I’m doing and recommending differently now!)

What my students say

“"I felt very overwhelmed about the process of setting up a podcast. I had been wanting to start a podcast for years, but the thought of having to set it all up felt daunting. I had no idea where to start or what I needed. Because of Ellen, I have successfully started a podcast! She walked me through all the little steps and gave me the necessary info I needed to set it up. I feel so excited to be able to put this out into the world."”

Chelsea Horton, The Healing Embodied Podcast,

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Minimum Viable Podcast: a 90-minute comprehensive training teaching you how to plan, launch and maintain your podcast

Please note, this was originally recorded on Thursday 27th October 2022 at 9am Brisbane time. This is the replay of that training.


Me 👋 I’m Ellen Ronalds Keene and I’m a Podcaster and Podcast ProducerMy clients, students and I have used the Minimum Viable Podcast approach to finally start building authority, audience and opportunities through hosting a non-fiction podcast

I also have regular conversations in my DMs and Discovery Calls with aspiring podcasters who are so caught up in all the things they *think* they need to be the perfect podcaster that they have been working on their show for years now but have never actually published an episode.

Now, I’ve bottled up everything I know about starting a podcast in this fluff-free training so you too can finally become a podcaster and start reaping the rewards.

What else? 

Your pass to Minimum Viable Podcast includes:

  • Everything you need to know to start a podcast, plus what you definitely don’t need to worry about to get started

  • A live Q&A session at the end of the training - and the opportunity to send your questions in advance if you can’t make it live.

  • Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.

  • A checklist of steps to take to help you go from idea to launch to live

Ready to become a podcaster?

Join Minimum Viable Podcast and discover everything you need to start a podcast without burnout or podfade

Minimum Viable Podcast is perfect for you if...

  • You have no idea where to start when it comes to hosting your own podcast

  • You feel overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make when starting a podcast

  • You are in ‘analysis paralysis’ over all the equipment and software options

  • You understand that podcasts are a long term game and that starting small and building as you go is better than waiting for perfect and not starting at all

  • You have 3 hours per week to dedicate to getting your podcast started and then 1+ hours per episode to devote to it ongoing

  • You are ready to build your audience and your authority so that you can make a difference, make a name for yourself and make money through podcasts

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

  • You already know how to start a podcast but you want to learn to edit (we cover editing in our Minimum Viable Podcast Editing training here)

  • You need a quick cash injection into your business and are hoping a podcast will bring you leads or customers overnight

  • You are not ready or don’t want to commit to podcasting as a long-term strategy (i.e. 6 - 12 months)

  • You want to learn how to pitch and land guest interviews on podcasts (we cover that in our Get Started Guesting training here)

Included in this training

  • Common mistakes in podcast planning (and what to do instead!)

  • What tools you need for recording and publishing a podcast

  • How to edit a podcast - this is too detailed a topic to cover in this training but we do have a separate training about that coming soon!


  • How long will this take?

    The training itself is around 2 hours. Starting a podcast can take anywhere from 1 week to 3+ months. If you follow my approach, you can go from ideation to launch in about 3 hours per week for 6 weeks. After that you can expect your podcast to take anywhere from 1 - 4 hours per episode (depending on things like whether you outsource your editing and how much promotion you do of each new episode).

  • When will you offer this training again?

    The recording of this training is available now and you can purchase and watch on demand, immediately. There's also an audio version if you prefer to listen, and a transcript.

  • You’re Australian. Why are you charging in US Dollars?

    I run an online business with clients and students from all around the world. USD is the standard currency in online business.

  • Will there be accommodations made in this training?

    A transcript of the training is provided with the recording and the slides have been kept very plain for visually impaired software to follow along easily. There is also a private podcast version of the recording so you can listen on the go. Once the replay video is chopped up into modules in the course platform I will be adding captions (please allow a couple of weeks for this after the training). I’m working on a live captioning option for future presentations. Anything else, let me know!

  • Will I get lifetime access?

    Yes. That means for as long as I offer this training, you will be able to refer back to it. If at any time I decide to no longer offer it, you will be given notice and a way to keep all materials.

  • Are there refunds?

    There are no refunds at this time.

  • I've got another question

    Great! Send me an email to hello [at] and let’s chat!

Ready to podcast?

Join Minimum Viable Podcast and discover everything you need to start a podcast without burnout or podfade